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Someone’s Story "Uphill”

Updated: May 2, 2022

Welcome to Story Time! I’m so glad you made it here today! Have you visited the garden before? If not, or it’s been awhile click HERE to enter before continuing. We come to places like this seeking answers, instead we find the answers have always been inside of us! Let the garden be a space to help you find what you are looking for inside. Not all that is shared here will be for you, and that’s okay. May you only take with you what resonates for your highest good and may you leave the rest behind! And so it is.

Planetary interference:

April 4st - 5th

Watch out for impulsive tendencies. How we act and react are still tested. Being still and refusing to give into temptation of lashing out is rewarded.


People will need to check their sources and facts

Figure out what it is you want to change in your life & trust intuition.

choose to move toward your goals and not focus on your fears.

10th of April

What can you achieve? New inspiration and creativity are heightened today! Fight the urge to join in the negativity. Release insecurities and when faced with them, combat them with positive affirmations. Your words are powerful. YOU are powerful. As you heal you will see more and more conflict being resolved with ease.


Story Time In the Garden

(A re-telling of an ancient truth)

(This is a continuation of last week’s story from another space, and another perception. To read the original and true form see Genesis 37)

When the 11 brothers of the chosen one with colorful coat saw him coming from a far distance to bring them lunch, this was when the plan was hatched to hurt him. There was one brother, named Rueben who didn’t agree with the brothers plans of killing the chosen one they called “The Dreamer”. Guilt washed over him, (dare I say, the anointing). He felt the weight of these plans, and demanded the chosen one not be killed. He came up with a plan to rescue him later and take him to his father rather than standing up to his brothers. Why he left them we may never know but he did, which lead the others to decide to sell him to some travelers.

When he returned he panicked and was heartbroken and didn’t know what to do. To cover up what they had done, they faked his death and convinced their father he’d been eaten by a wild animal.

Reuben was too afraid to stand up to his brothers. Afraid to do what he feels is right on his own. He must have felt terrible hearing his father’s cries. Watching him mourn a son who was very much alive. He knew what was right, and he knew what he should do. How much of this story would have been unnecessary if he’d just stood up? What if he had chosen to do protect his brother right away? What if he had walked towards his brother and sent him away rather than allowing him close to the brothers?

Where from Reuben’s weakness can you find strength?

If this is for you, let it be that you see.


The Challenge:

Someone visiting the garden is yearning for connection that has been severed. The close bond they had with another seems to have also faded and now They are feeling the chasm between them. They want to go back to the way things were, when the connections was alive and thriving, and they are being called this week to let go. Everything around this garden visitor is giving them signs that the connection they wish for dearly is not for them. This old timeline where they thrived in the relationship with this person is not the space or place for them any longer it does not fit with their life as it is now.

Could those signs be the stagnant parts of their life which should be growing as this time?

As someone continues to fight what they know they need to do, they may see many areas of their life affected. Once thriving and fruitful areas began to go downhill. Once someone realizes that their focus has been on others too long, they will have an opportunity to change their focus, and their situation for the better. Will they let go of what doesn’t serve them?

The Space

All the work someone has been putting in to the life they desire in the future, is paying off. It may not seem like it in the moment as the steps have been small, and the reward has been little to none. In the physical, these steps are making a huge difference every day! Movement forward no matter how tiny, is movement! Their guidance may be shown through others and it is important the person visiting remembers, that they may be the ones to deliver it, they are not the source of the information. Their information is truly coming to them from the Most High and someone can truly sense when they hear it and when they don’t.

Or, how they see it, and when they don’t. However it’s chosen to be communicated to them. They may receive the guidance through signs such as synchronizations or perhaps hearing a friend or reading book. However The most high chooses for this information to be sent, this person is getting the message and following their path, the small steps now, are the big ones later. They can trust they are making the right decisions when they’ve taken time to be still, meditating on what they decide to hear the guidance for their highest good.

Boldly climbing upward

There can be a feeling of dramatic exit for someone in a high stress situation. There is no need. In fact if someone isn’t checking their facts, they may create a mistake they will surely later regret. This requires more growth and self reflecting.

Have they truly let go of their own toxic ways?

Are they willing to give them all up to reach new heights?

Someone is learning to leave their games and insecurities behind. There is a temptation perhaps to go back to the toxic ways that worked with others in the past for them. They are used to the quick results of a manipulative move or the high of meddling without detection.

This won’t get them where they want to go, and they are seeing more signs of this from pain of the past being reflected upon and seeing how their old ways of handling situations brought them more pain and misery than is necessary. They are ready to boldly push forward into a better space they deserve!

“ I am releasing toxic patterns as they don’t serve my highest good. I am integrating with my highest self now and I choose to release the need to compete. I am enough and my path is my own. Incomparable and unique.”

Monday- check list

This is a day to make a list of what you desire and a practical plan to get there. One goal at a time! Choose one area to focus on.

Tuesday- Be still. Before making any decisions, remember to take some time to reflect before you speak or act.

Wednesday- cleanse

Focus on cleansing your space of clutter spring cleaning is still in full swing make sure you get what you need cleared for peace. As within so without and your space reflects your health.

Thursday- fact check

Focus on checking facts before making any decisions based on advice or giving advice. You may also hear a rumor that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Friday- Random acts of kindness

Do something kind for someone who needs it and wouldn’t expect it.

In the end only kindness matters, right? Focus on being kind.

Saturday- bigger picture

Someone is in need of looking beyond what they see and what it means for them as a whole. Focus on the bigger picture. How does your decisions today affect the world around you?

Sunday- watering the garden

Take a look back at what you chose to grow this year. It’s time to give those areas some attention. Focus on pouring into your dreams as you’ve chosen them. Bring them to life with loving words of affirmation.

“ I am boldly taking steps forward, and I achieve my goals daily with each step”

🧿 🧿 🧿 Strategies in Communication 2022 🧿 🧿 🧿

Taurus ♉️ April 2022

Happy Early Birthday to you! May you choose to speak life into every moment of your solar return!

Not all Taurus will share the same story, so use your inner guidance to lead you to the strategies you feel will best help you.

The Challenge: sacrifice

There is a Taurus that has conflicting ideas and goals. He or she is going to have to communicate what they want to do first, before putting the work in. Organizing their thoughts and figuring out what their plan before communicating it to others will be their ultimate challenge in the month of April. They will also be challenged with patiently waiting for results of their choices as well.


Organizing their thoughts before communicating their desires will be a huge help for Taurus in April. There may be a need to write out what they want to communicate before attempting conversations with people they need to work with or they find difficult to speak to.

Also, Prioritizing what they feel will bring them to their deepest desires and resolve conflict will be beneficial over wasting time and energy on fights, arguments, and stubborn stances that don’t serve Taurus Highest good.

This Taurus really understands that there really are no bounds to what they can do, the world really is your oyster Taurus, you can make it whatever you want it to be. Once this Taurus gets past their communication blockages, they will push through doors into success!

Virgo ♍️

Not all Virgos will share the same story, so use your inner guidance to lead you to the strategies you feel will best help

The Challenge.

A Virgo this April understands that they have power in their words. They understand their influence over others. The one thing that this virgo has not recognized, is their context. And it is all about context! The challenge in communication that what they’re saying is being taken out of context, and this virgo knows that this could have a big influence on the way people see them. Their challenged with alchemizing what has been said and the damage that has done and turning it into something that brings balance and peace back into their situation. Not based on the miscommunication on what’s been said.

The Strategy:

Someone is going to lose friends and a carefully built reputation. But this is a necessary loss, and they need to grieve what the public had seen because the true version of virgo is never lost, just hidden. (Their true self is the best version anyway ) Now is the time to stop resisting change and make the necessary changes to how someone communicates information to others. A Virgo has the need to sound smart and it comes out pretentious. Perhaps it’s time for virgo to be themselves and allow for errors. Nobody expects perfection, just Virgo. They will find so much happiness letting go of the facade and choosing to love themselves, and boldly allowing that to come through in all conversations. Maybe they don’t always need to be the one that “knows” perhaps it’s okay to allow someone else to give fact on a subject. Does virgo really have to be the smartest person in the room or can they let that go? Letting

A virgo also finds successful communication when they choose the most loving way to communicate something. ( some virgo needs to know that’s NOT saying “ I love you but you’re and idiot”)

Capricorn ♑️

The Challenge: a Capricorn is having difficulty taking their power back in a situation having a hard time finding balance. Capricorn put themselves in some sticky situations in the past. To gain power, they chose to lord power over others rather than sharing it. This Capricorn has relied on threats to get their point across and their desires met. That’s not who they are now, but they are fully aware of this past way of dealing with things.


Recognizing they are just as powerful when they help others, humbling themselves in serving others. A Capricorn parent may serve their child by doing their chore and communicate their gratitude for their contribution acknowledging their assistance. Showing that they are just as important as Capricorn.

A Capricorn could serve their spouse with kind gestures that will not benefit the Capricorn and only benefit their spouse out of pure love. These strategies, will help shift the power dynamic into shared space, and possibly bring Capricorn the desired peace and security they truly desire under the power grab.

Honesty. Capricorns honesty with themselves on their ability to see another’s side of the story, will be beneficial. Sometimes Capricorn may find it difficult to listen to what others want or finding validity in their view of events. Choosing to see the situation from another’s perspective may humble a Capricorn and bring more understanding. Listening to understand instead of respond.

That’s all I have for you this week! May all that was not meant for you be released back into the pool, where it belongs

May you be filled with joy this week and the peace that passes all understanding,

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