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Someone’s October 2021 Story “Illuminating the Shadows”

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Welcome to the Garden! I’m so glad you’re here! This is one of my favourite times in the year! There’s so much happening right now in and around you, and it’s important that you remember, not all that is shared here is meant for you. This is the place to practice listening to your inner guidance and take what resonates. May only what’s meant for your highest good be received. I hope you enjoy your visit!

Planetary Shenanigans

(The Big one’s to pay attention to:)

Movement and realignment

1-17th- Mercury in Retrograde - CUT the ties with toxic people who are draining your energy. You know who needs to go, it’s time to cut them out for good. information is coming to the surface that you may not want to hear will surface no matter what it is, it’s a time to be still.

5th-Pluto goes direct

8th- Sun- Mars conjunction- Watch out for ego! Power over others is not real power. Power comes from working with others not forcing them to your will. Even if you think you’re doing the right thing. Your intentions will not come across as such.

11th- Saturn goes direct

18th- Mercury goes direct

- Jupiter goes direct

Confidence is coming back plans are coming to harvest…

Welcome to harvest season! YOU DID IT!!!

Compromise is the only way to win.

Awakening to Balance through Sacrifice.

(North Node & Venus in Leo placements may resonate strongest here)

Children do not have time to wait for you to get around to them. Childhood is a small sliver in time that is over too soon in this 3D experience. They need attention now. They need time now. There will soon be a day of no tomorrows and it is time for someone to stop sacrificing their children’s time with them for things that can wait. Today is only now, how will they spend it?

Someone wants a stable relationship, but they are married to their work. They have sabotaged more than one friendship and more than one lover for their job. They have promotions in their sight as a new love begins to take shape. They see more and more reasons to stay at the workplace. Can they have it all? Yes they can. But what is important, right now? Justice can’t be given without sacrifice of what is not for the present moment. It’s not saying goodbye forever, it’s just not now.

The month begins in a time of heavy miscommunication. This can block progress in many areas and cause confusion where love is concerned. Someone is working hard to do all the things, and they are struggling to do it all. They are seeing so much stress play out for them as they really didn’t understand why their plans have been falling apart rather than falling in place. There’s a need to take a moment to just be still. To re-evaluate what needs their attention right now. It’s not going to happen for them all at once. If they want to have it all, they need to work on one thing at a time. What really needs their focus right now? Someone is going to take the time to really look at their life and all the options in front of them knowing, that there is a way, and they know what needs to go (for now,) and what can stay!

As they make their decisions on what needs their focus and attention most progress is slow. Then they second guess themselves, watching other things they desire suffer and seemingly fall out of reach. It may feel as if they made a mistake. They may even be blind to the progress they are making because they are too focused on what isn’t going right.

There is a lesson here, of sacrifice, and faith. If someone believes what is meant for them cannot be taken only delayed, they can balance what it is that they have now, with no fear of what the future holds, or losing something valuable to them. They made the right choice to focus on what needs their attention now rather than things they couldn’t fix or control, now they just have to trust this is the right move and continue forward.

They are full of ideas and every project has meaning every project is important. But now is not the time for each and every one to receive attention. Some need the stillness to grow. It’s time to learn that balance through sacrifice. Will they allow themselves the space?

Does this person have faith, that all will work out in their favour? Are they still holding on to old beliefs that they are undeserving of the good that comes their way? Will they remember they are both the nurturer and protector of their own hearts?

Do they believe their dreams really can come true? Are they willing to make the choice they need to make?


There may be some blockages for someone seemingly standing in the way of their happiness and goals. Could they be holding on to a toxic past? Old feelings are coming to the surface. Past choices made weren’t the best. They were the worst choices for their desired path. Being kicked back to the start with more knowledge and less confidence is feeling like a block for someone. It’s time to release and cut this out of their life for good. They may not realize they are still connected energetically and it may be time to release this for good. There is no love left in this situation. There is only pain.

For another, endings in business partnerships and love are happening simultaneously and it will be very important they remember to compromise. They must find a way to see another’s perspective. To make an attempt to understand their wants. Compromise must be their solution to every issue they can’t agree on. Unless both parties can come to a compromise there will be no closure.

Playing hard, Working Hard, Pushing Forward & Believing

Taking time to relax and enjoy themselves between working toward their chosen goals will be very important as the month goes on. Someone is going to need to recharge often, and use all their strength to keep from allowing their thoughts to overtake them. They cannot allow themselves to focus on the things that aren’t working right now. This is NOT the time for second guessing their decisions. This will only add to the chaos and confusion at this time. They have to trust their decision and remember they knew this would happen for now. They knew there would come a time where there focus would be tested. Will they pass?

Children are the key for someone to find balance. Making time for play will not only grow the bond they have with their child or children, it will reawaken the childlike faith they have within themselves. Reminding themselves that if all this hard work is for little ones, it’s best they spend time making them feel seen and heard.

Here comes the Sun..

There is great heavy sadness from the past finally lifting. They had to use every bit of strength left to heal after a heartbreak. Taking this time to nurse this wound seemed to haunt productivity in other areas but they were not being held back. They are about to be hurled forward into success in a MAJOR way. Doing the work has it’s perks, and they are about to see what some of those are!

And now, the shadow reading! Shadow is only dangerous when we refuse to acknowledge it exists. Listen to the shadows in this story, see what needs to be healed. May only what is meant for your highest good be revealed …

Hidden Shadows & Secrets

They now recognize what they give will come back to them making them more aware of their own choices a in relationships. They are taking time to see if they are being called to a new direction. They may change dramatically for efficiency in all areas. They are going to need to be cautious & check in with their intuition often and in all their dealings with others. There may be someone trying to trick them into living a life they don’t want to live.

An untrustworthy person wants to trap someone into a relationship out of dependency and possibly keep them from leaving the home.

The person in our story is not afraid, they are not trapped or powerless. The person in this story, is learning to trust their instincts and they are no longer ignoring gut instincts out of love for the other person. have chosen to rise and they will be able to discern who is for them by checking in often with their intuition and connecting with the Divine in prayer. They will be sure they can trust Source.

You are highly favoured and Protected, Shielded from all evil and so it is.

Someone’s Shadow in Communication

Someone isn’t aware that they have a long way to go and much to learn when it comes to communication. Someone wants to speak with authority. They see others who speak and live their truth authentically and desire that power. That power comes from surrender and humility and these are not gifts they posses yet.

They are not quite there and have not learned the lessons the others they admire have, and have much more to learn about themselves. They are communicating harshly and have no filter. Blinded by their belief their intentions are good, they aren’t doing what they should.

They have yet to learn grace and patience, they have a strong feeling of loyalty to all the wrong people and embarrass themselves by engaging in the gossip and lower vibrational negativity.

Someone’s Shadow in love

Someone views love as a competition. They compete for lovers, they compete to keep their spot, they see a winner and a loser in a break up situation. They have to win and often find themselves quickly in new toxic connections trying to “win” in a break up. There is no time in between lovers to heal or separate themselves from toxic patterns.

Someone sees themselves as cursed. They have a long history of toxic relationships and currently blame their bad luck on a past love.

The healing comes from illuminating this shadow. The only one who needs to see it to change it, is them. They will continue to face the same issues in relationships if they choose the same mindset going in. Have they healed? Have they let go of the other? Are they ready to give themselves fully over to the next?

Someone’s Shadow in Money

When it comes to money, they get in their own way! Never quite able to keep what they make and they blame all those around them for it too. They choose to hoard their wealth, controlling others with it. They aren’t generous but they tell themselves they are. They are selfish when unnecessary they punish people using money as a way to control. Someone is unaware this exists in them. They see themselves as givers to people who deserve it. It doesn’t cross their mind that they are being asked by something higher than themselves to give. They will have an opportunity to compromise and to be generous. If they choose to continue in judgement and ego-based decisions, they will lose much more than they are being asked to give. It’s time for them to stand up and get out of their own way! Everything they dream of is on the other side of their ego.

Someones Shadows of the mind

Someone is moving forward in their lives and can’t seem to let go of the past. Their thoughts are giving energy to the situation they most desperately want to separate from. In order to move forward in the beautiful direction they chose, they must first release the past. This includes the pain the hurt, the betrayal, the fear the worry and even the guilt. The guilt for staying too long must too go. Someone needs to remind themselves that in order to heal this situation they must let go of it all with love and gratitude for the experience. It must be done. To stay in the mental prison of what was will only keep them from what could be.

When we see it, we know where we can recalibrate our actions, thoughts and beliefs for a better future. That’s all I have for you this time! May all that’s not meant for you be released back into the pool

Thanks for Visiting the garden! I wish you love, healing and success in your journey,

Tia Khaleesi

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