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A Look into August 2023♌️ ♍️ ♎️ ♏️ ♐️ ♑️ ♒️ ♓️ ♈️ ♉️ ♊️ ♋️

Updated: Aug 24

Happy birthday Leo ♌️ this is going to be a month to remember! Welcome back, Garden visitors of all signs. Thank you for your continuous support of Tia’s Garden and for all of your likes, subscriptions, emails and participation. You are truly appreciated. Remember that energy shifts and what you choose, is what shall be.

The Lion’s gate portal is open and has been since July 27th . Now is the time to really reflect on what needs to be released. By the end of the month, we will have 6 planets retrograde and it will be incredibly difficult for those resisting the transformation happening in and around them.

For others, this is a time of great accomplishment. There are a lot of endings happening by the end of the month and though this is a necessary event, many will feel the weight of the loss of what was comfortable.

Garden Visitors of all signs, please remember, Not all that I share here will be meant for you, and that is okay. This Space was created to assist you in practicing using your intuition to lead you to what is useful and what is not for you or your journey ahead.

It is my intention as the keeper of this space that you leave with only what you need for your highest good. I believe and so it is. Let’s take a look at what’s coming our way in August, Shall we?



Until October 10th

Endings with Purpose.

Holding on to what feels familiar can happen if we let it. Sometimes we are completely unaware of our patterns of returning to what we know and consider ourselves cursed or unlucky. At least that is most of us.

Things torn down and relationships that fall apart in this time were not strong to begin with or fated to end. Once the lesson is learned, it may be time to move forward to the next part of your life’s journey.

There is a huge shift happening and people may start to see that what they thought was true, is actually a lie. If someone chose to destroy another in search of finding their inner power may find themselves weak and vulnerable. What they wished for another may start manifesting in their own life! Power over, or power with? This will be a time where you will be challenged with owning your actions, taking responsibility for what is yours to carry, and taking your power back where necessary.

This is a time where people will push to be seen, heard, and respected. This may come at your expense if you are not willing to take control of your own life. Those who see their own value and contribution and lean into it will find success. This is also a time where those out of balance and try to control others may find that their leadership falls apart. This is a time to create a balance in power in all relationships. Power with others is more fruitful than a dictatorship of controlling leadership.

Saturn in Pisces ♓️

Until November 4th

Strong Boundaries

You have been cultivating stronger boundaries if you have been working hard in Tia’s Garden. We have discussed the need to move forward in faith and to relieve ourselves from those who refuse to move out of despair. You cannot save them, they have to save themselves. Others will ask more more MORE of you and you have the power to say NO NO NO! Keep firm to your boundaries and this will fly by with grace and dignity and open the door to opportunities that align with your values.

Neptune June 30th- December 6th

Resisting Temptation

By the End of June, the battle will intensify. There will be a lot of shortcuts that will present themselves in work or business. It will be tempting to take an easy way out or cut corners in a dark way. RESIST THE TEMPTATION. Things become easy for us when we stick with decisions and paths lined with integrity.

Relationships flourish when honesty is valued and practiced by all involved. BEWARE of the sweet nothings offered by a stranger! One of the most dangerous and telling lines of destructive energy is “what I wouldn’t give to be in those shoes.” Pay attention to anyone trying to persuade you away from what you already have. There is a price to pay for falling for the cheaper and fraudulent version of what you THINK you want.

Venus Retrograde

July 22nd- September 3rd

Trauma, Drama, & The love of your life

Bring on the clowns and the ghosts of bad decisions and relationships from the past. When Venus goes retrograde, there will be a return of energy or people in the flesh that may realize they made a HUGE mistake letting you go! They may try to persuade you to take them back or, you may be the one trying to persuade someone to come back to you! This will be a time where the lessons you have learned will be incredibly important. Remembering your boundaries, and why situations ended is crucial. It will be equally important to remember your goals and align your behavior accordingly. Not all endings require in person closure. Not all people who return mean you well. Use the discernment you have been working so hard to align with to guide you towards the life you desire. Do NOT allow yourself to get dragged into the fantasy of drama equaling love. True love is steady, dependable, safe and peaceful.

Drama has no place in a functional and healthy relationship. You WILL BE TESTED. This is not the time for cosmetic procedures or radical changes to your appearance. Vanity will not do you justice. Adding antiques to your collection could be useful at this time!

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo ♍️

August 24th to September 16th

Gemini ♊️ & Virgo ♍️ mercury and sun placements may be more affected by this retrograde. Watch your words carefully and don’t forget that misunderstandings happen more often. This is a time where it would be wise to change your passwords, and update security. This is also a time where reviewing past contracts reflecting on past actions can be helpful and even grow your business. With this many planets in retrograde you may experience a lot of delays. Endings are happening and people from the past pop up looking for something you don’t want to give. Or, maybe, you do…

You may be asked to revisit an old relationship and make a final decision. Will you reconcile or will you let go for good? This is not the time to start something new, but for some it will actually be a very successful time when they put something in motion they may have been procrastinating on. This is a time to fix what needs to be fixed and face difficulties head on.

Uranus Retrograde in Taurus ♉️

August 29th- January 27th, 2023

Sagittarius & Taurus placements will be most affected.

We tend to cling to what is comfortable and what feels familiar. Someone is beginning to see where they are really acting from a space of familiarity and it’s creating a new cycle in the same energy from where they left. For others it’s simply Time to shake up your routine. Move energy around by changing how you choose to get things done. There may be a need to change how you approach people in business or how you encourage others. It may now be a matter of helping them see a different perspective, or opening your own mind to seeing someone else’s.


August 1st Super Full Moon in Aquarius♒️

This is a very heavy day that might have some up in their head and overthinking situations. Reflecting back on the New Moon intentions placed, did you meet your goals? Are you giving yourself the best possible chance? This is a time of pushing forward towards those goals with purpose and drive. Distractions must be left to rest. Nobody can come between you and your goal that is aligned with your highest good. For some, it may be time to reevaluate your goals. What was your intention when you made them? Has it changed? This is a powerful moon and has a lot of manifestation possible for those who really want to see a difference made. For those looking to cleanse, this is a great time to rid yourself of toxic patterns and people. This is also a great time to charge your crystals. There is some powerful energy reaching us at this time and what we put our energy into will matter for the days ahead.

August 8th Lion’s Gate Portal at it’s peak

This is a hyped up event in a lot of circles, so I choose to make this brief. You can use the energy of this day to really push forward and open yourself to receiving what you’ve invested in.

August 16th New Moon in Leo

Let’s get our creative juices flowing. This is a time to pour ourselves into creative projects and artistic ventures. This is a time where revisiting what joy felt like in childhood can be both revitalizing and cathartic. Returning to silliness. Let yourself feel appreciated. Be the one to appreciate you. The good to come out of a lot of tough situations is about to become clear, and those with Leo placements will be seen for they truly are, leaders. Justice is coming and someone may get some much needed breathing room. Now is the time to self reflect. Where are you succeeding and need to acknowledge is going well? It’s easy to take on other’s stress only to realize you were never meant to live like that. It’s time to return to being proud of all you have done.

August 30th Super Full Moon in Pisces ♓️ ( Blue Moon)

Travel restrictions could be on the rise at this at this time or someone may realize that they are unable to continue in a direction they had hoped. This is a time where believing in dormant dreams can be powerful for those willing to put in the work to make them come true. There is a need to leave fear and pain behind. This anxiety has no greater good. It is not helpful and it does not serve a purpose. It may be time to move forward in faith that there is better than pain fear and worry.


Leos that have been working froma a space of integrity have had quite the uphill battle recently. This is a time where Leo is coming into their power in a positive and abundant way! By not chasing the applause, it seems to follow them wherever they go.. This Leo has been working on balancing all of their responsibilities. They have become quite successful in doing so. August will be a month where Leo will be in the spotlight for what they do. With everyone adoring Leo and lavishing them with compliments. Who better to receive them than the kings and Queens of the jungle?!

It will be important for Leo to take some time to be alone, sit in the silence, and listen for guidance on what steps to take next. There is a temptation that may creep up to give people what they want instead of remaining authentic. Taking that time to recharge will be essential and assist Leo in keeping firm boundaries.

A complicated situation becomes quite clear and easy to understand Where animosity has been coming from. Shake off the lies and rumors Leo, the truth always comes out, and you have the receipts to prove your innocence1 all in good time. Just because a situation brings disappointment, doesn’t mean you should allow yourself to hide behind the clouds, Leo! You bring light to situations that darkness has dwelled in. This can make you a target for the unhealed. Let it go.

Money can flood in and small fortunes may come in for Leo sun signs. Choose wisely how you handle this windfall, it has the potential to give you a winning streak if invested wisely. Intuition comes into play, so remember to utilize it with any decisions you make going forward. Only you know what is right for you, so be your own advocate.


Venus in Leo people will have many opportunities to improve their love life as well as their finances. There are offers coming in that have the potential to bring a lot of wealth into Venus Leo’s lives. They also may realize that what they have to offer another isn’t much. They need to be honest with themselves if they are healed from their past wounds in love. It may also be a past wound in not believing they are worthy of happiness.

They may still be bitter on how an old situation ended. August is a time where they should be focused on making more money and using it wisely. Love is possible, and in order to be ready to receive it, there are some wounds to heal, and past situations that need to laid to rest. You also may need to shake things up a bit come the end of the month. In order to have better results, someone may choose to get organized and try something new. It looks like that is the next step on the journey.


There is a Virgo who feels lied to and cheated out of something. They may be feeling robbed of some good times they had foreseen for the future. Or, they may be feeling resentment for not having happier memories of the past. They may be holding on to the pain they experienced growing up and are resentful or bitter that someone else has flourished through hardship. By comparing themselves to someone else or holding on to the pain of what has been lost, Virgo is blocking themselves from seeing the beauty that is waiting ahead. While in this space of anger and resentment, they cannot manifest what they want. Venus Retrograde is assisting Virgo giving them ample chances to let go of the expectations that history is bound to repeat, and believe that something better is possible. It may also be time for Virgo to consider how their past experiences have brought them incredible amounts of compassion for others who may have suffered as well. Or, perhaps that is what Virgo should consider making their focus August; Compassion for themselves and others. Holding on to things that cannot be changed will not help Virgo move forward or see the rewards meant for them.


Be careful of past lovers offering reconciliation in August! Their intentions may not be honorable. A Venus in Virgo is struggling to balance work life, home life and a love connection. They may be feeling stretched thin and evaluating the situation they find themselves in. They may be worried about missing opportunities that seem to be out of their reach by holding on to a losing battle.

In business, They may be seeing their ships of wealth coming in. They may find that they have earned quite more than they expected. August may be a month of windfalls for this Venus sign. This is a time where they are learning that faith was the right path for them all along.


When a Libra helps others master a skill, they create a new teacher. There is a Libra that is coming into some serious rewards. They have been working very hard on manifesting something that brings them great joy. They may win a court case or sign a lucrative contract. They may be considering taking an offer in work or business that puts them in a position with more responsibility and a much larger salary. For someone this may be something they have been working towards for a while and the urge to jump right in may be great. It would be wise to take time to think your answer through. There is a lot to celebrate this month. Goals are met with ease and someone is going to be surprised by the amount of success that comes in for them. This is all dependent of course, on Libra’s ability to consider things carefully and move slowly in August. The super moon energy at the beginning and end of the month will affect Libra’s performance a little bit and practicing self-control will help them get to their goals faster.


A Venus in Libra placement may be in deep contemplation with an incredible offer made recently. Someone may have an opportunity to move. This offer may extend to a long term job overseas. This would be a new experience and their clever responses in a recent interview or social gathering landed this incredible offer. There is a lot to consider at this time, and whatever is chosen will change their life quite significantly.

For another, this is a love offer. In order for a long distance romance to become serious, a Venus Libra may be considering taking some big steps forward. It may be wise to wait on making a final decision if possible. There are a lot of situations that may come up in August slowing the process down. For some, it may be wiser to focus the quality of the relationship rather than the status it has.


In August, Scorpio is working very hard on matters of work and of home. There is a need to let go of some relationships that are holding them back from creating wealth. There is a connection that is very low vibrational. It’s easy to spot because Scorpio may be feeling controlled or trapped by someone else’s wishes. August will be a month where they will have to make some tough choices and stand firm in their boundaries. People will only get away with what you let them.

For those looking to face their shadows early, the first 2 weeks of August are excellent for taking the first steps forward in implementing a change in your responses or behaviors. This is also a time where blockages to more money or clarity in matters of the heart are both possible. Be careful what you spend time thinking about. Where energy goes, energy flows. This is where you have the ability to make permanent changes.

Don’t believe everything you hear. Someone may be causing chaos and spreading rumors for the sake of enjoying another’s reputation meeting its ruin. Use your intuition at this time Instead of ignorantly judging others.


For Venus in Scorpio placements, a message has been received. There is no denying the truth of a situation, it’s out in the open now. Humiliated, Scorpio Venus might be more than a little pissed at how a past lie plays out in August.

There is a need to take a step back and breathe. A decision will need to be thought about carefully this month. Taking time to be still and truly know the actions that will bring the best outcomes.

There is a need to move money for a Venus Scorpio who has been thinking about this for some time. They have been waiting for a sign that they should invest elsewhere and for the Scorpio Venus that resonates with, they will get it in August. Trusting their intuition will be important throughout the month. People will be trying to fool them, they will need to trust in all they have learned. The truth sounds different to the soul. Listen


Someone has finally won a battle that they have been fighting in for far too long. They may have walked away from something that was not good for them but looked great on the outside. August will be a month of transition for this Sagittarius. They may be impatiently waiting for things to change unaware that they are in the process of making those changes. If Sagittarius can focus on putting in the work to achieve their goals, they will be pleasantly surprised how quickly things change for them in the month to come. Past decisions that were made without all the facts may be weighing heavy on Sagittarius at this time. It is important that these things come up in August so that they can learn what needs to be learned and move forward. By allowing themselves to surrender to slow and steady movement of this time. Opportunity will knock unexpectedly. First, there will be some changes that are much needed at this time to allow for something BIG to come in.


In August, Venus in Sagittarius placements will either spot a liar in their midst hiding behind a mask, or they may be the one wearing it! Now, someone is exposed. Someone sees a liar for who they really are. There is a need to walk away from this person and possibly cut off access to them permanently. Though that isn’t something ever said lightly in this space, remember to take time to yourself to sit with any decision you make in August.

As always, take it to the most high before you act! The truth of a situation may be revealed and it is all a gift from The Most High. Make no mistake sometimes a rejection is God’s protection. It’s more than a saying overused to make people feel better, it’s truth. Especially for Sagittarius Venus placements this month.

In business, if they feel even a little shady energy coming up in a possible business deal, believe that it may be time to walk away. Trust your intuition.


Capricorn has been spending a lot of time in their creative space. They have an idea that is ready to be put into reality in August. There may be a fear of this not being the right time. There will be a need to take precautions in how they choose to use this idea. It is not new, and that is why this is the right time for them to unveil it. August will be a time of taking giant leaps in faith in it’s success over their fear of failure. Capricorn has put a lot of work into this, they have all they need to be successful. There is a lot to be gained for the Capricorn willing to take a chance.


A Venus in Capricorn placement will need their strength in August. This month will test their abilities to balance their wants with their needs. Finances may need rebalancing. They may be spending more than is coming in. By tweaking a few daily habits, they may see a huge change in their circumstances for the better. They have what they need right now and if they stay disciplined in August, they will be pleasantly surprised.

The reward for resisting temptation will be a very powerful transformation. Someone is coming into their power and they are finally ready to move forward boldly and unapologetically.

Sun :

August will be a month of healing the heart for Aquarius. Someone may have a lot to be thankful for this month and they be feeling quite content with what they have. Those who have been honest with themselves may find August is blessed and calm. Some Aquarius visitors may still be acting from a low vibrational space and that is going to backfire. The problem is, that this month anything that is not bathed in truth, will be revealed and there is potential for heartache this month. Consequences are going to be severe for an Aquarius who is plotting to harm another. Aquarius may be feeling anxious and unable to change a situation. The truth is, they can change their behavior and motives at anytime. If they want a different outcome, it’s time to do something different.

When we allow ourselves the room to grieve the past and let it go, we no longer have to relive it. Someone may be recognizing a return of a pattern the first 2 weeks of the month. This will be the time to let go of any thoughts or actions that are not aligned or taken with integrity or good intentions.

You make the rules for yourself and shift the energy in August, Aquarius. Be sure that you know what you really want.


Seeds planted in love now will give Venus and Aquarius something cozy to look forward to by Christmas! There’s a choice to be made and it if made from the heart trusting that inner voice there will be plenty to celebrate! Love is not only possible, reconciliation is almost certain. August is a month of Celebration and preparation. Fall will be an interesting time for Aquarius Venus placements. There may be a need to look back at love and fun they had in August for inspiration to keep moving forward when results come in fast than they expected. Busy will be an understatement.


August will be a month of reevaluating what Pisces decides to invest their energy into. A Pisces is being very honest with themselves this month on how they feel about a situation they have been investing in. For some, they will have an opportunity to stay or walk away. Before the end of the month, a Pisces May decide to walk away from a past situation that they feel is no longer necessary to continue. A contract may have ended or has been fulfilled. This may be a separation that was coming for sometime because the work they came to do together. Two souls have completed their contract and may now move forward separately with gratitude for the experience and what it taught them.

Pisces may be feeling confident in work endeavors and use that confidence for the waiting room of life that they will be placed for the month of August. Patience in action will bring some great things in the future.


Two offers come in for Venus in Pisces placements. One, is an offer of financial security, and stability. The other, offers love, honesty, and respect. Both offers are tempting and a pisces may be feeling cautious about accepting either one of these offers. A Pisces may not even be able to see these as valid choices due to pain of the past and the heartache they felt. Venus Pisces may find that by taking time to heal in August, they can silence that nagging feeling and see situations and people for what and who they really are. This may even clarify their decision and they may choose to make it late September.


Someone has fear coming to the surface in August. There is an Aries who has hurt a lot of people over the years and this month is bringing a lot of things to light. There may be an opportunity to make things right with an old friend that was let down by Aries. They may choose to face the music and find themselves pardoned by a compassionate soul. Others will brace themselves for a very angry response and understand that there is no going back.

For other Aries, learning lessons in working with others is the theme of the month. Highly independent Aries will find that allowing others to assist them will help them achieve more faster. For Aries that struggle with Codependency however, August may be the month where they may find themselves in situations where they have to rely on themselves. Only themselves.


A Venus in Aries will be called to defend a choice they made in love this month. There is a very angry opposing viewpoint being shared with Aries in August and it will be the challenge for the month. Venus Aries will need to stand firm in their choices and keep to their values. There is much to be celebrated as the month continues. Choosing yourself in these situations is the wisest decision you have made this year!


There is a saying that reminds us that we don’t know what another had to go through to become as successful as they are. We should be careful who we envy. A Taurus may find themselves looking at a fire sign with great envy in August. They may have been comparing themselves to this person unfairly, and as a result they may have turned their back on their own blessings and welcomed some unexpected trials and tribulations they were not ready for. Taurus has a lot to offer the world and has their own unique set of talents, skills and abilities and this should be where they put their energy. They aren’t meant to do what another is meant to do.

August will be a month of making wise decisions in money. There may be a need to be frugal and save as much as possible. August may slow down the. Money coming in and it may be wiser to recognize that they are taken care of and made comfortable in a time of waiting. When they choose gratitude in August, they will find stability moving forward.


There is a little drama brewing in August for Venus in Taurus placements. There seems to be truth coming out about a relationship that may cause Venus Taurus to let someone go. This may bring them a lot choices. There may be a need to sit with all their options for a moment and seek guidance from within. Making a decision from hurt or vulnerable place never works in our favor. Now is the time to make each choice wisely and trust that inner voice that guides your decisions.


A Gemini is considering taking back an offer they made to someone in order to invest their time energy and resources with someone else. They have spent a long time thinking about their next steps and this is the most logical choice. Or at least that is what they are telling themselves in August. This is not the time to make big permanent decisions but this is an excellent time for Gemini to pay attention to the people they are surrounded by. There will be honest friends making offers with integrity, there will be selfish people looking to profit without thinking about others too. There will be situations where Gemini will need to keep quiet about situations they know aren’t theirs to get involved in, and there will be people looking to betray Gemini and get them caught up in problems they were never meant to experience.

When a Gemini learns to trust their intuition and make peace with more alone time, they will be able to discern the people who bring value to their lives and those who do not deserve a seat at their table.


Venus Gemini placements have been working tirelessly towards a financial dream or goal. They have changed their approach and system. Now they reinventing the way they do things. They are so close to their dreams they can almost taste it! This is the month where focusing on their goal will bring them closer to it. This will be especially true on the hard days where motivation does not come easily. A legal situation may be coming to a close in Venus Gemini’s favor. This brings about some much needed breathing room for the winter.


A past energy is lurking in the shadows and coming back in an attempt to reconcile with a Cancer sun sign. This, is not going to go well for this sneaky person. Cancer has spent a lot of time establishing stronger boundaries and has taken precautions to preserve their privacy. August will be a month of asserting themselves without apology. Cancer sun signs have those crap pincers for a reason! Not everyone deserves the nurturing Cancer has to offer.

By the end of the month, there will be a need to reevaluate finances and get back into financial shape as well as balance out their energy.


Venus Cancer placements will be challenged with overcoming a repeating cycle in love and in money.

In love, Venus Cancer returns to a pattern of toxic connections and begins unhealthy cycles. After being presented a better option, A toxic person comes back to tempt Venus Cancer into going back to something that doesn’t lead to anything good. August will be a month of consistently choosing to go in a new direction that they know intuitively leads to something better.

In money aspects, This is a time where controlling their spending and being mindful of their own tendencies to self sabotage when under stress. Actions taken in any direction have the potential for life changing consequences some for the better and some setting them farther back than before.

That’s what I have for you for now Visitors. May anything here that is not meant for you or will not be used for your greater good be released back into the pool where it belongs,

I wish you a transformational month filled with lessons and blessings for your highest good,

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